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Hakurei Shrine


Hakurei Shrine (Donate) interactive***If we get 500+ likes on our facebook page, we will make this app free for 1 whole month!***************************************************************************************************************Please try free version before buying.
Based on a popular game series "Touhou". Now You will get a chance to interact with Reimu on her time off when she is not fighting off evil Yukais.
What can you do with Reimu?-Shake your phone and watch her get dizzy!-Poke her and watch her nyan!-Tap her donation box and she'll thank you!
Marisa:Try and catch Marisa flying by!If you can tap her on time, she'll fall right off her broom!
Suika:Tap on her to see her do what she does best!Just don't shake your phone or she'll end up in shock!
Reimu:Change Reimu's costumes! More to come!Shake your phone and see what happens to her!
1 and 2 player PONG!Play with your friends or by yourself! Local and national score board coming soon!
1 and 2 player TAP-TAP-DRINK!Play with your friends or by yourself!How many drinks can Suika TAKE!? Local and national score board coming soon!
More features to come:The next Arc, Scarlet Devil Mansion will be a FULL PLEDGE dungeon runner with skills, gears and levels! Maybe even Online battles!
***If your enjoy our work, please do support us***=D